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Graphic Design

Whether you're a music artist, youtube streamer or a business - nowadays a custom visual identity, fitted to your style and message, is a must-have.

From print products (posters, CDs, stickers, ...) to web graphics or even whole brand concepts - DOOM Design is ready to face any creative challenge.

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Video & Animation

Add the 4th dimension - time - to any static graphic design and you've got yourself an highly effective medium to get your message or music to your audiences.

DOOM Design successfully delivered custom produced videos and animations (motion graphics, lyrics videos, tutorials, ...) to the creative industry.

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Web Design & -development

You want to offer your fans and customers more than what a standardized social media profile could deliver? A custom website is the way to go!

With you, your requirements and your message in mind, DOOM Design will blueprint and realize web projects using responsive standards to make your website shine on any screen size.


The following portfolio is only a brief overview of the various clients DOOM Design has successfully worked with over the past years, and their projects I had a role in.


Zattoo Android TV Animated Commercial
A Blood Moon’s Night Print Design
DevilDriver Sail Lyrics Video
Heide Park Resort & IMAscore Soundtrack CD Design
The Sorrow Perspectives Lyrics Video
IOI Invention CD Cover Design
Whitehall Mystery Band Logo Music Licensing Catalog
Liseberg & IMAscore Soundtrack CD Design
IOI Invention Lyrics Video
Contracrash Band Logo
Napalm Records Logo Intro Animation
Enter Metropolis Official Presskit Video
Zattoo EM Animated Commercial Company Website Recipes & Cooking Blog Logo
Beethoven ROCKS Band Logo
IOI I Surrender Lyrics Video
Rocketbeans TV #Jugendzimmer Print Design
IOI I Surrender CD Cover Design
Attica Band Logo
His Statue Falls One Step Forward, No Step... Lyrics Video
Redshift Recordings Recording Studio Logo
Mami Wata Amusement Ride Logo
Ghostbusters Horns Up! Print Design
Kalypso Bäume wachsen nur auf starken... Music Video
Enschede Rocks! Open Air Festival Logo
Even If I Fall Into The Abyss CD Design
AppTalk Blog Logo
Out Of Ottesen Band Logo
His Statue Falls Breathe In, Breathe Out Music Video
RAW Solution Awaken CD Design
playalot Gaming Podcast Logo
Shake The Pagoda Tree Something Divides Us Forever Music Video
Effacement Band T-Shirt
If Destiny Remains Band Logo
Even If I Fall Band T-Shirt
The Iron Republic Logo Design
Minas Abenteuer Website
5ft High & Rising Underhanded Music Video
Drowned By Darkness Band Logo
We Are Cecile EON Lyrics Video
Dead Territory Band T-Shirt
The Hand Of Glory Band Logo
Neberu Band Logo
Concert Flyers
CECILE Finally... We Have Come To... CD Design
Deadfreight Of Soul Band Logo
Superblast II Mobile Game Trailer


Hey there — my name is Doom!

Okay — to be honest, my real name is Dominik. But you can call me »Doom«!

I'm a freelance graphic- and video artist from Paderborn, Germany. Since more than 10 years I'm designing logos, print products, websites & videos. My clients are mainly music artists, creative agencies & small- to mid-sized businesses.

I consider myself a digital citizen with a wide range of interests in design, technology and media.

Being heavily influenced by rock and metal music, my artwork often tends to have a grungy, dirty and surreal character. In contrast, I'm always on the hunt for opportunities to flex my design muscles in other styles and disciplinaries.

If you want to get in contact with me and check out if I'm the right guy for your project, feel free to drop me a message!


Currently, DOOM Design is no longer able to accept new requests. This page will be used as a portfolio only for the time being. Thank you!